Power of 1000

Maria's Story

"I couldn't recognize who I was anymore."

Maria* was feeling isolated, uncertain, and weak.

It was unlike her. While on active duty, she’d been confident, successful, secure.

But transitioning out of the military was different. Maria lost her sense of belonging. She realized she had questions and experiences that few people understood. And she had no one to talk to about it.

After 21 years of honorable service, she felt herself “slipping more and more into a weird space,” she said.

Maria had suicidal thoughts.

She sought counseling. A friend checked in on her.

But, she felt out of character, and lonely.

Then, she found the Women Veterans Interactive Foundation. She attended a women’s health seminar, and things began to turn around.

“Attending that seminar was a game changer for me,” Maria recalled. “I saw other veteran women who were discussing issues I could relate to and needed to hear. These women looked like they had survived their own transition storm that I was still trying to navigate.”

WVIF gave Maria the safe space to connect with other women veterans who understood her experience – what’s more, they shared her experience. Maria realized she could talk openly about insecurity, guilt, and women’s health.

No one would think she was weak.

No one would misunderstand.

No one would turn their back on her.

With WVIF, she was home. 

* Names have been changed to protect the individual’s privacy.

Would You Leave Your Sister Behind?

Every day, women veterans just like Maria feel invisible and lonely.

They struggle to access basic needs.

Every day, women veterans feel left behind.

  • Women veterans are 2x more likely than civilian women to experience homelessness
  • Women veterans are more likely than male veterans to be homeless with children
  • 25% of women veterans report experiencing military sexual trauma
  • 25% of women veterans have been diagnosed with depression
  • 20% of women veterans have experienced PTSD
  • Women veterans are 1.8x more likely to commit suicide than civilian women

The Power of 1,000 says, "NOT ANYMORE."

Two million women veterans have raised their right hand to defend our country, willing to lay down their lives… For you. For us.

They answered their country’s call, thinking, “If not me, then who?” 

This summer, we at WVIF are sounding a rally cry for 1,000 women to support their brave sisters. Your generous donation will help us provide direct services, uniquely designed just for women veterans. Your generous donation will help us change those startling statistics.

We’re calling on women’s fierceness…

We’re calling on women’s instincts…

We’re calling on women’s strength to stand up for women veterans and say, “I got you.”

We’re calling on 1,000 women to donate $1,000 for women veterans. You will help us raise $1 million to directly serve the brave women who have already served all of us – valiantly.

This historic fundraiser will support WVIF’s keystone programs, which provide:

Transition Assistance


Access to
Health Care




Become Part of the Power

The Power of 1,000 is a summerlong fundraiser, beginning at our Women Veterans Interactive Foundation Inaugural IMPACT Awards and Fundraising Gala on June 11, 2022, and extending to November 29, 2022.

During this time, we are asking 1,000 women to donate $1,000, as a sign that they STAND UP for their sisters, that they say NO MORE to the struggles only women veterans face. We also urge men to honor women veterans in their lives with a $1,000 donation.

The Power of 1,000 fundraiser will seek a goal of an historic $1 MILLION, raised solely to support women veterans.

Your donation is tax deductible.

All summer, our social media channels will be packed with testimonials, veteran stories, celebrations, and more. We encourage you to make your donation and establish your spot on one of our celebratory posts. And, we encourage you to visit these channels often and share with your friends.

Become part of the Power of 1,000.


Because: Empowered Women Empower Women.


Support for
Women Veterans


June 11, 2022 - November 29, 2022


If you don't support them, who will?

About WVIF

Navy veteran Ginger Miller originally founded the Women Veterans Interactive Foundation in 2011. A victim of homelessness herself, Miller was heartbroken to see just how extensive women veterans’ struggles were. She didn’t just want to help them – she needed to.

Since 2011, WVIF has grown into a full-service, tax-exempt, 501c3 nonprofit organization, offering comprehensive services and guidance to women veterans. With a robust network of supporters, WVIF provides transition assistance, homelessness prevention, leadership training, employment access, and health care resources. Charitable donations to WVIF are tax deductible. 

WVIF has impacted over 8,000 women veterans, and its programs are fully packed.    

But what makes WVIF special?

Under Miller’s leadership, its programs provide a comfortable, safe, welcoming space for women veterans to come as they are, share their experiences without hesitation, lean back into the arms of their sisters, and find firm footing to move forward.

Many organizations celebrate their “wrap around services.” WVIF takes this step further. WVIF offers “wrap around empathy.”

Women veterans know that WVIF has their back,

And with WVIF, they will never be left behind again.

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